Enliven Your Old Photos With Photo Restoration

When many people consider photo restoration it is because they have photos that have been damaged. The fact is, there are many photos that could benefit from photo restoration procedures even though there are no visible tears or creases. There are many ways that a qualified photo professional can help add life to your photographs.

Older photos are especially good candidates for a quality photo restoration procedure. One of the problems with old photo technology is that the chemicals used to develop the photographs continue to react to the light long after the original photo was developed. Over the years the photos will become discolored or faded, and many of the details in the image are lost. The photo that was taken to capture a moment in time becomes lifeless, and loses much of the special feeling it once had.

The great news is, the fading and discoloration can be reversed. In fact, with many of the enhancements that are available, you can make the restored photo even better than the original was. There are many different things that can be done to make the image even more memorable.

For instance, If your original photo was in black and white, you can have the photo colorized, so those dull, outdated images will be more vibrant and alive. Another technique that has gained in popularity is to keep the photo in its original black and white, and only colorizing certain features that you want to emphasize. For instance, a picture of the bride could be black and white, while her corsage is converted to vibrant colors.

Another procedure to consider is to have unwanted elements or images removed from a photo. You could have a beautiful picture of a loved one standing on the beach with an unsightly “No Swimming” sign marring the image. You could have the sign digitally removed from the photo, leaving a photo that you would be happy to show to your friends and family.

The best part about having your photos restored is that any of the procedures that are available will not put your original photos at risk. You photographs are converted to digital images that can be worked on safely. If there are changes that you do not like, changes can be made to the digital image, while your original photo is left untouched.

You could have photo restoration done on your own photos, or you might consider having it done for a loved one for a birthday or anniversary gift. It is a very personal gift that will be remembered long after the typical gifts are stored away and forgotten. It is a great way to let your loved one know that you put real thought into your gift. And that is always appreciated.

Using Digital Photos to Create Beautiful Photo Collages

Digital photos are considered the best type of picture to add to a photo collage because they are very high quality and can be manipulated easier that scanned pictures and other digital files without too much loss in quality. While other digital image files can be used, a photo collage that consists of digital photos also gives you the opportunity to use the hundreds or even thousands of pictures that you have on your digital camera or the hard drive of your computer.

The Photo Collage

The photo collage is a unique looking design that you will never see anywhere else because you choose the number of pictures to use, the actual photos that will be incorporated into the collage, and even how the pictures are combined. The collage itself can be created using as few as a small handful of pictures or it can be created to use tens or even hundreds of smaller photos. The ideal number of photos to add to a collage will depend almost entirely on the size of the photo gift that you intend to add it to.

Adding Digital Photos

Modern digital cameras offer high quality photography that can be enjoyed by anybody from professional to complete novice and those in between. The digital camera includes many settings that enable the home photographer to take pictures even in the worst of lighting and other conditions and still enjoy great looking results.

Scanning Old Pictures

However, while the digital camera has changed the way many of us take photos now, there are an equally large number of us that still have old family photos, wedding photos, and other pictures in 6′ x 4′ print and these can hold many cherished memories for us. These too can be used in the creation of a photo collage and with great effect. Pictures can be scanned before being altered, resized, and positioned in the photo collage.

Including Other Pictures And Text

Scanned pictures and digital photos are just two types of picture or other item that can be included in a collage. Text is another obvious and effective choice that can be personalised to any event or any individual. You can add a text greeting to a birthday collage or mark the date of a wedding or anniversary in the creation of unique, effective photo collages for these events.

Do It Yourself Or Have A Professional Do It For You

Many people enjoy the actual design and creation of the photo collage while others are more comfortable letting a professional do the work for them. Use the method that is most likely to yield the best results for you and remember that if you do use a professional designer then you are still in charge of the number of pictures, the actual pictures to use, and the style in which they should be incorporated in the photo collage.

Uses Of Your Photo Collage

There are many ways to use a photo collage. While some people enjoy sharing them online, even using them as their profile picture in social networking sites, they have more tangible uses. Photo gifts like collage canvas prints, posters, cushions, blankets, and even bags can be customised to your precise needs by adding a photo montage to them. These can be kept for your own use or given to as others as beautiful and effective gifts.

Hard-Back Photo Book Designs

The hard-back photo book is ideal as a gift for any loved one celebrating any event or occasion, and it is also ideal as a keepsake for yourself to show off your photo collection. Choose between A3, A4, or A5 in size in order to determine whether your photo book will have from 30 and up to 80 sides of customisable book page. Every side can include a single photo or you can opt to create montages or other unique designs to adorn some or all of the pages. You can also customise the cover.

Make The Most Of Your Digital Photo Collection

With so many pages and places to customise the book it is a very popular photo gift item. By adding two or more photos to the sides of the pages it is possible to add literally hundreds of your favourite photos taken from your digital photo collection in order to create your photo book. Because you have complete control over how the book design looks, you can even add text to the pages and to the cover.

Presentation Is Everything

The cover of the book is made from HD Satin cloth which provides the best possible photo reproduction levels on a photo book of this type. Colours are crystal clear and sharp while lines are clearly visible; from cover to each individual page, the quality of the photo printing is considerably higher than you would enjoy having photos printed on photo paper. You can also have a photo laminated and turned into a personalised lid for a presentation box to keep your book safe and in good condition.

Birthday Photo Books – Your Life Books

The Your Life Book is a special photo book design that is especially useful as a gift or for a momentous celebration or milestone in a person’s life. The cover is available in a choice of four different colours, and your choice of text is custom printed on the cover. You could use the name of the recipient and even add their age, if it is to be given as a birthday gift. Alternatively, you can add text relating to any reason for giving the Your Life Book and you can choose between a photo album or book style for the book inlay itself.

Valentines Photo Books – The Book Of Love

The Book of Love is another specialist type of photo book that has been designed for Valentines Day or as a romantic photo gift. Once the book is opened, each of the 10 double page spreads combines pictures with text; a photo printed over the entire left page and text to accompany it printed on the right hand page. You can customise the cover too, and you can add text on the cover to make a beautiful and heartfelt gift idea.